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Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer projects

It's two days since my last post and the three skeins of yarn are converted into a pair of men's mittens. I really know the pattern after making 100+ pairs, so it doesn't take long to finish a pair.

Another project is the three bags in the next picture. I started with the red one, continued with the pink and then I had to make the green one. All of them are going to be christmas presents. They are both knitted and crocheted. I found the pattern in a a booklet from Garnstudio , but when I went to their website, I found out that you can download the patterns for free (at least if you speak any Scandinavian language). The red and pink bags are made in Muskat, the yarn described in the pattern. But where I'm staying now, there is no shop that carries that specific yarn, so I had to substitute it with Mandarin Classic from Sandnes. The gauge is almost the same (21 vs 22 stiches on 10 centimeters) and as the observant reader will see, I've used the pink yarn from one of the other bags for the edges.

The final project is inspired by one of the new bloggers I've added in the "Blogs to read"- section. Little Cotton Rabbits has designed some incredible cute knitted stuff. I especially fell for these lovely cup cakes. The pattern is not available, so I had to come up with my own version. I incorporated the techniques used in the bags and am almost satisfied. I had to use cotton balls from the medicine cupboard, and they don't fill out as well as I want, but I will try again when I return home in two weeks. Now I have other gastronomic knitting plans....


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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It was -15C here the other night and I was thinking of your mittens so came to check out what you are making these days... looks like your taking a break from blogging and I hope all is ok with you. But even in July - I see you were making your wonderful mittens.