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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Flirt

I normally don't think about using only one designer or fabric line in a project (except for the Jinny Beyer collection). I mix and match the fabrics I find suitable for each project. But when I found the Flirtation collection from Moda when I visited QuiltegĂ„rden earlier this summer, I knew I had to have it and make a small summer project from the 36 squares inside the packet. I´ve never made a tumbler quilt before, but when I asked for tumbler templates, they were sold out. And so were all the four other quilt shops in Trondheim. In Skien, where I'm now there isn't any decent quilt shop at all, so I had to make them myself. I used Word on my Mac (yes, I'm converting from pc to Mac now) and draw tumblers with the drawing tool. I don't know if the ratio is correct, but who cares, the quilt police can't arrest me (hehe).

I cut out 72 two of each fabric. (There are still fabric for at least another miniaturequilt, maybe two). Them I basted them and lay them out to find a pleasing layout. And here's a trick I would like to share. If you shoot a black-and white photo of your project, you elliminate the colours and see only the contrast between lights and darks. Then you can check if your quilt is balanced contrastwise. (If your camera doesn't take BWs, you can achieve the same effect in your image editing software).

Now the blocks are sewn together. If you examine the BW photo and the finished result, you see some small changes which I hope made it better. No I just have to decide how to finish it. Borders? Quilting? Embellishing? Embroidery? Actually, I don't have a clue. So if you feel for sharing your ideas with me, please be welcome!



dot said...

Oh this is a really cute little quilt. I like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Photographing the block in black and white is a fabulous tip. I will definately try it because I make alot of charm quilts. Sometimes its hard to tell when the placement of the blocks is right.

La Tea Dah said...

It's beautiful, Inga. I love your style! I love Moda fabrics --- I'm making a more traditional 9-patch using some Moda prints right now and find their design selections soothing and interesting.

:) LaTeaDah

Judy said...

Inga, I don't think I have made a quilt without Jinny Beyer fabrics since they first came on the market in Australia. Love them.
I think i would have added a couple to this collection, just because I can!