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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Long night's journey towards Bach

I'm working on an exciting musical project at the moment. Next Saturday 6 musician will join their forces in permoning all of Johann Sebastians Bach's suites for solo cello. The catch with these two concerts are that three of the suites will be played on other instruments. One (number 5) will be played on a marimba. The fourth suite will be played on a double bass and I will play the second one on bassclarinett.

This music has fascinated we all the years since high school and I'm so pleased that all the skilled musicians I've asked to participate in this project gladly said yes when I asked them.

I know that most of you won't be able to come and listen, so I found a video on YouTube that I hope you will enjoy.


Rondi said...

What a wonderful idea! My sister, her husband, and both her children are cellists, so I've heard these suites a number of times. I enjoy them each time. I can imagine how interesting it will be to hear them on other instruments!

Ulla said...

My son loves Bach, he says "Bach's music strokes the skin", or that it soothes him .