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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holiday crafts

When I'm travelling, I usually get a lot of crafting done. The potholders from the last post are already done and I've done a lot on my next project. A couple I know is getting married later this summer and I've decided to make them a special gift. I'm knitting towels and today I found the perfect soap with lovely hearts that matches the towels perfectly. I hope to finish the first towel in a couple of days.

My mother has found another treasure for me. She gave me all these wonderful fabrics that you see in the second picture. Some of them are flanels, but there are several lovely cotton fabrics also. Tomorrow we are going to do some tidying in the attic and I suspect there will be more lovely finds I can share with you later.

Normally I buy a lot of fabrics and sewing accessories when I visit my mother. There are several nice shops here in Trondheim, but since I know I'm going to far more exciting textile areas later this summer, I've decided to wait spending all my money until later. (If you want to know where I'm going, just continue reading the blog for the next month;-) )But I found a lovely knitting encyclopedia at a nice price, so I couldn't resist it.

I've been tagged at least three times the last week, and I will try to follow it up, but since I'm only at dial up connection for the moment, you have to wait a bit until I follow up those tags. I hope you also are patient about me commenting on your blogs. Next week, when we continue our journey, I will be on a ADSL connection for a while, and I will try to catch up with you.


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dot said...

Lovely knitting. Your stitches are so perfect. I like your fabric finds also.