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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hi there!

Hi there! I'm still alive, in case you've wondered. Too much life going on lately, including three exams, two solo perfomances and an appendectomy. But now I'm returning back to my normal strength working in the garden and taking walks.

One month ago I celebrated my 40th anniversary. 25 girls showed up and we had a good time with nice food, lots of wine and great talks. I got lots of nice presents. In the picture you see a part of my gift table. The box contains 7 gorgeous silks and linens, 4 spools of my favorite silk thread and two spools of ordinary thread. My friend Ingrid conspired with two other friends, Yumi and Heidi, and ordered the fabric from Stockholm. It's sooooo beautiful! If I only knew what to make of them. Maybe a hand bag? Heidi even handpieced the card to the right. Behind the bottles you see a card made by one of my former students. She had glued crocheted granny squares onto paper and made a lovely card for me. I even got a birthday cake made of paper, fabric, lace and buttons. You could lift the top and inside the cake I found:

fabric :-D

At the moment I'm crocheting. My new dining room curtains need ribbons. I've made two and a half ribbons. Only one and a half left. Not the most exciting work, but it looks nice when done.

See you around



Connie said...

So glad you're back with a new post and a belated Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you celebrated in style! I too love silk thread. I use it for hand applique and for hand piecing my grandmother flower garden. The crochet ribbons are very pretty. I'm not sure I could manage the small needles and thin crochet thread but it makes beautiful things. And about the appendectomy, I had one many years ago, so I can sympathize with you.

dot said...

Welcome back. Your birthday gifts look great. I like the box of fabrics and thread. Sounds like you have been very busy. I like your crocheted tie backs. What a clever idea.

Maya Madhavan said...

Belated Happy Birthday!
I'd been thinking about you. I am sorry to hear you had to have an appendectomy. I am glad you are feeling better now.

Laurie Ann said...

Great to hear from you again. I've been missing your posts. Sorry to hear about your appendectomy, but glad that you are healing up. Happy belated birthday!

Ms. Jan said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!