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Thursday, April 12, 2007

More monochromatic work

The red blocks are done, 12 blocks are what I aimed for and since I have to wait for some bleeched muslin I've ordered to continue that project, I've put them aside.
The project you see (part of) is a new curtain for the wardrobe window. I've been thinking about doing a curtain like this ever since we moved in almost 6 years ago and finally I've pieced the front. I need to order a backing that will let the sun through, so the seamallowances will show up from the inside. I've been quite thorough while piecing this, so the accuracy is quite good (if I can say so myself :-D)

I just love the blues, at least the textile kind ;-)



La Tea Dah said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love blue's and white's together --- a favorite of mine. Great work! I love your perfect matches!


Kuka said...

Hi Inga
I have found your blog looking for some mitten help =)
Mittens are my favourite thing to knit!! I am looking for a pattern to make double knit mittens.
Can you help me?