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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Finally! After nearly twenty years and two relocations I can present this finished dinner table cloth. I checked my crochet pattern binder earlier this week and found out that this pattern was found in a Norwegian magazine in 1987. I inherited a dining table from my grandmother in the beginning of 1988 and I guess I started the table cloth right after that. I have worked on it from time to time. The last time was a couple of years ago when I finished the border(not shown). The only thing remaining was securing the thread ends and I needed a couple of years to get the courage to do it.

But now it's done! And I'm satisfied with the result.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Power sewing

I've been sewing alot lately. I started on Thursday between the dress rehersal and the opening concert at the Ilios-festival in Harstad. It's a festival of contemporary music. I played an insanely difficult piece and I needed to relax before the concert. I've been admiring Bonnie's work for a long time and I decided I was going to try out the Basket weave technique. I had a lot of strips narrower than 1.5 inch so I poured them out on my table and started sewing a light one on to a dark one. I cut, sewed and ironed, cut, sewed and ironed and after a couple of hours work I had some blocks done. The best part was that I was totally relaxed after that sewing session. I continued to sew yesterday and this morning also, and now I can present 17 blocks! I don't know what to do with them yet, but I hope to put them in a contemporary kind of work. It would suit the music I've been playing this week.

Thanks Bonnie for the inspiration!