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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday update

It's time for an update of todays efforts. Finally I've started working on Richard's quilt. It's basted and ready to be quilted. I plan to quilt teddybears (see next picture) in the bright squares and also quilt straight lines 6mm from the edge of the block. In the coloured squares I'm only doing x-es and in the outer border just straight lines one inch apart. Nothing fancy but I think it will suit this quilt.

I've also updated my webpage and I needed to shoot pictures of a couple of old projects. This cute heart was quite a challenge to do because of it's tinyness (4.5 x 4 cm). But it is sooooo cute, that it's worth the effort.

I've also finished a pair of mittens. I plan to open a small webshop where you can buy them on February 1st, but I won't promise that it will be up and running from that day exactly.

Now I'm going to read your blogs:-)



Angie said...

What a cute quilt---and I love the bear for the quilting! ;P That little heart is really precious!

Sweet P said...

I love the colors in the quilt, very stunning. The teddy bears will be cute on the quilt.

Jodie said...

Hi Inga,
Glad you are back. The quilt is coming along well, and that heart is so tiny.


Cheryl said...

Richard's quilt is really great! It reminds me of a stained glass window...so colorful. The quilted teddy bears will be a fun addition!