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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The S-week

Describe the last week with one letter and the letter is S. A lot of Snow, seeing the Sun for the first time this year, a heavy Storm almost preventing us from getting home from work Friday afternoon, the two first Skiing trips this season and finally some Sewing done!

We didn't get much snow before Christmas, but that has changed now. The week started with minus 10 degrees Celcius and lovely weather. We went for two skiing trips. The first one on Monday, but then we started too late to be able to see the sun. So we decided that if the weather was still ok on Wednesday, we would try get out before noon.

We took quite a long walk, more than 15 kilometres and we ended up in a place called Koven, which seemed almost untouched by humans. The slopes were excellent and we only met a couple of other skiers. It felt like being on the moon because of the silence and the cleanness of the snowcovered hills. And yes, we saw the sun!

On our way back we felt that the weather was going to change and boy it did! The next day it blowed and snowed and we just decided to stay indoors. It continued even worse the next day. We had to go into town for work and we had trouble getting there and even bigger trouble getting home. One of my DH's students called and said she couldn't come because they where captured by the snow.

Yesterday and today it has calmed down, but it still snows. My DH has been out removing snow three times this weekend. I did volunteer to help him, but he wanted to do it for the exercise. I've stayed indoors and worked on my Dear Jane. I've made four blocks this week and so far I've done 86 blocks. I've almost finished one of it's corners also. It grows slowly,but it grows


I've also posted a picture from the skiing trip on my webpage, if you're interested.



Simonetta said...

Thanks Inga, the photos are very beautiful!!! Also I love this type of ski, but here in Italy snow is too much still few:))))

Rondi said...

The photo on your website is outstanding! So beautiful. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see the sun again...

Blanca said...

Hello Inga. I don't write english very well, I'm sorry. Yours photos are very, very, very beautiful. I like your blog.