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Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Santa Time

Hi gals! I'm sorry that I've been absent, but life has really gotten in the way of blogging. So much going on with work, studies and some personal stuff also. But I see light in the near future. Next Saturday I hopefully am a satisfied producer of a (hopefully) succesfull music school show celebrating the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. The weekend after there's a mini tour with the military band called Swinging Christmas. And finally I have one exam this semester. It takes place on the 7th of December.

Then there will hopefully be time to do some crafting again. I've knitted and crocheted a bit the last months, but nothing to brag about, so I'm really looking forward to having time to be creative with yarn and fabric.

Today's pictures are from the local arts and crafts society's Christmas Fair held yesterday. It reminds me that that it's only 36 days untill Christmas. The collection of nisser pictured here is quite nice. It's not American style santas, more the traditional Norwegian santas, which is quite nice, I think.

I've updated my webpage with a couple of new quilting projects; one I haven't showed here at all. There is also a new photo there which I'm quite satisfied with.

Do you remember that I wrote about my father-in-law learning to knit at the age of 88? He knitted himself a small afghan for his chair as his first project and then he continued with a scarf I told him was on my Christmas wish list. He finished that scarf only weeks before he died on the 25th of October. He will be deeply missed by us all. He was 89 years old, but he was a great example of that it's never too late to learn a new skill.


Saturday, August 25, 2007


As some of my readers will know, I'm not a lot into making food and doing those traditional things that housewives should do. From time to time though, I have a fling with the traditional rolemodel of the woman in the house, like last year and today I felt the spirit from my ancestors to do some traditional stuff. It startet actually earlier this week. I made a focaccia and in the same recipebook I used there was a recipe for a bread I wanted to try. I had to make a dough only consisting of flour water and yeast and let it stand on the table for two days before I continue the baking. So said, so done. Today I was able to take out two lovely bread from the oven.

I even picked some berries today. My neighbours have blackcurrants in their garden and one branch found it's way to our garden a couple of years ago. Now it's a small bush and today I harvested the fruit. Not much, 80 grams to be exactly, but it's enough for a little treat. I added some sugar and tadah! We have fresh jam with the homemade bread for breakfast tomorrow.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the go - and back

Hi folks!. I've been away for a while. Was actually planning to blog during our trip, but the first hotel didn't have cards for sale for getting on Internet and the second hotel had a malfunction on the net that they first sorted out the last day I was there. But it has been a lovely holiday. First we spent three days in Paris. My husband has never been there, so it was time to introduce him to the city. It was hot and sunny and lots of nice food and lovely sights. We walked for several hours every day, and this is what we treated ourselves with on on of the breaks. Yummy! After three days we went to Corsica. This part of the trip was my husband's birthday gift to me. I got to pick where we should go, and since I speak French I wanted to go some place around the Mediterranean Sea where I could practice the language. I chose Corsica because of it's beauty (which Ive seen in magazines) and the fact that there has been a lot of European history going on there. After all, Napoleon was born on that island.

This picture shows some of the treats we got there. This is just a snack that came on the table when we ordered a couple of local beers.
I have lots of pictures from the trip, but I need to sort them. Just as I have to do with the impressions that's on my mind after one lovely week in a fantastic place.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I've been tagged three times the last two weeks. Both Hortenzita, Jodie and Nancy have tagged me in three different tagger rounds. I'm honoured that so many want to learn something about me. In the three tags I'm to tell a total of 40 different things about myself! So I'm chosing the easy way out of it. In the tag from Hortenzita I have to tell 5 different things in five different topics, so I guess that's what you'll get from me this time. Here it goes:

Five things I want to do before I die:
  1. Write a book

  2. Learn to speak French fluently

  3. Take a year off from work and study Photoshop, Illustrator, Jinny Beyer's books and all the funny crafting books that are available

  4. Play the Brahms Clarinet Quintet

  5. Run my own business

5 things I can do:

  1. Play the clarinet

  2. Knit, crochet and do patchwork

  3. Design websites

  4. Make cheese soufflé

  5. Take decent photos

5 things I can not do:

  1. Drive a car

  2. Be a pilot

  3. Run marathon

  4. Accept extremists

  5. Reach the North Pole skiing

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

  1. Humour

  2. Intelligence

  3. Manners

  4. Laughter

  5. Kindness

5 celebrity crushes

  1. Tom Cruise (while married to Nicole Kidman and before)

  2. Timothy Dalton (pre James Bond)

  3. Ralph Fiennes

  4. Sam Neill

  5. Anders W. Berthelsen (Danish actor)

So now you know a little bit more about me;) And when it comes to tagging others; if you feel for doing this tag, consider yourself tagged!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Views from Trondheim

Tomorrow it is time to continue this year's vacation to another city. We're going further south, to Skien, my husband's home town. But before we go, I would like to share a few pictures from my stay here in Trondheim. On Sunday we went to an area called Bakklandet (only in Norwegian, sorry!) for coffee and cakes. I had a delicious brownie and a cookie. Afterwards we continued our walk through that neighbourhood and discovered a Sunday-open bookstore (not usual) which was going to get rid of 5000 books and sold a lot of them for NOK 10,- (1.5 USD). I'm sorry I hadn't room in my suitcase to buy anything
On our walk to our destination, a family restaurant, we spotted these lovely flowers.
The next picture shows a decoration detail from inside the restaurant. What was really funwas that I met a neighbour from over 30 years ago. I didn't recognize her at first, but she recognized my mother and when she introduced herself, I remembered her. She is the person I have my earliest memory about. I was only 5 when I saw her last time!
The next picture shows a view of Trondheim, and the restaurant we visited is situated in the tower, 74 meters up!
Yesterday and today I visited a couple of quilting shops. Had to buy new needles and ended up with a little bit more;-)

Now we're heading further south.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holiday crafts

When I'm travelling, I usually get a lot of crafting done. The potholders from the last post are already done and I've done a lot on my next project. A couple I know is getting married later this summer and I've decided to make them a special gift. I'm knitting towels and today I found the perfect soap with lovely hearts that matches the towels perfectly. I hope to finish the first towel in a couple of days.

My mother has found another treasure for me. She gave me all these wonderful fabrics that you see in the second picture. Some of them are flanels, but there are several lovely cotton fabrics also. Tomorrow we are going to do some tidying in the attic and I suspect there will be more lovely finds I can share with you later.

Normally I buy a lot of fabrics and sewing accessories when I visit my mother. There are several nice shops here in Trondheim, but since I know I'm going to far more exciting textile areas later this summer, I've decided to wait spending all my money until later. (If you want to know where I'm going, just continue reading the blog for the next month;-) )But I found a lovely knitting encyclopedia at a nice price, so I couldn't resist it.

I've been tagged at least three times the last week, and I will try to follow it up, but since I'm only at dial up connection for the moment, you have to wait a bit until I follow up those tags. I hope you also are patient about me commenting on your blogs. Next week, when we continue our journey, I will be on a ADSL connection for a while, and I will try to catch up with you.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

On the go

I'm on the go at the moment. Because of the appendectomy earlier this month, we had to reschedule our holiday. That means we will be gone for a whole month from today. First part of the trip is spent in Trondheim where my mother lives. To get there, we had to take an airplane to Oslo! That's 500 kilometres south of Trondheim. After one and a half hour we took a plane from Oslo to Trondheim. That's the prize of living above the Arctic Circle, I guess. I don't mind waiting in airports, in fact I enjoy buying fancy magazines, having a glass of wine and doing airline-secure crafts ;-) (no scissors or sewing needles). When standing in line to pay for the magazine, I spotted some incredibly cute hankies with red hearts on (in the back of the picture). I thought they were very expensive, but they didn't cost more than normal plain ones. The knitting in front in the picture is a pair of potholders I'm knitting as a houswarming gift for a friend of mine.

When I came to my mother's appartment, she had a surprise for me. As a belated birthday gift I got a vintage handbag that once was a gift from my father to her. I remembered I really wanted that one when I was a small girl. I still find it adorable!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New afghan in progress

I would like to share a project I've been working on for a couple of months. The pattern for the afghan was published in the Norwegian magazine Allers earlier this year and I fell totally in love with it at first sight. I'm making it with my favorite yarn, the Baby Wool from Dale. It's the same yarn I make my mittens with. At the moment I've made 102 out of 247 blocks, and 5 of 19 rows are assembled. I've even secured all the thread ends!

As you may have noticed, my blog's look is changing again. Nothing dramatic, but small changes that will make it more ME and less BLOGGER. I hope to change the background and heading with personalized images. I'm just waiting for the licence key to the new Adobe Master Collection, so I can play around with the new Illustrator and Photoshop. It's a real bargain because of my student status. 80% off or something....

I've also added a couple of new links. Please check out Allsorts and Bemused
where I've found so much inspiration lately.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

A finish or two

I'm happy to report a couple of finishes. The first one is a curtain designated for the window in the wardrobe. The wardrobe redecoration has been going on for a couple of years now, and I hope to finish it before Christmas........

Here I'm modelling the curtain on my studio window, and I'm tempted to leave it there, but no! My studio will have a red and white theme when I'm finished with it, so I have to make another curtain matching that colour scheme. But I like how the curtain came out and it will suit the redecorated wardrobe perfectly. (By the way, this picture makes me painfully aware of the need of a white coating on the upper part of the window).

The second picture shows my version of May-Britt's pincushion. It didn't take long and was quite simple to do. So check it out.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Heidi's work

Remember the handsewn card I got for my birthday? Heidi, a friend and clarinet-playing colleague, was the master of that. Yesterday she came to visit and we had a long and nice chat while working on our crafting projects. She brought with her a couple of projects she works on at the moment.

I want to share her latest patchwork project with you. I think it is marvellous! I don't know the designer's name, but it's from a Norwegian book. It's handpieced the English way, and I love her way of using colours. She has been very uncertain about the project, but I'm convinced that it will become a great quilt when finished. Now she's going to pick out all the templates and baste it. Then she'll bring it here once again so we can figure out how she's going to quilt it.

Well done, Heidi!

(Photo: My husband)


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hi there!

Hi there! I'm still alive, in case you've wondered. Too much life going on lately, including three exams, two solo perfomances and an appendectomy. But now I'm returning back to my normal strength working in the garden and taking walks.

One month ago I celebrated my 40th anniversary. 25 girls showed up and we had a good time with nice food, lots of wine and great talks. I got lots of nice presents. In the picture you see a part of my gift table. The box contains 7 gorgeous silks and linens, 4 spools of my favorite silk thread and two spools of ordinary thread. My friend Ingrid conspired with two other friends, Yumi and Heidi, and ordered the fabric from Stockholm. It's sooooo beautiful! If I only knew what to make of them. Maybe a hand bag? Heidi even handpieced the card to the right. Behind the bottles you see a card made by one of my former students. She had glued crocheted granny squares onto paper and made a lovely card for me. I even got a birthday cake made of paper, fabric, lace and buttons. You could lift the top and inside the cake I found:

fabric :-D

At the moment I'm crocheting. My new dining room curtains need ribbons. I've made two and a half ribbons. Only one and a half left. Not the most exciting work, but it looks nice when done.

See you around


Friday, May 04, 2007

Fabric needed!

Hi again. Long time since I posted, but life's interefering with the creative business. I promised a friend of mine to post today, because she's searching for a fabric to finish a gorgeous storm-at-sea wallhanging.

The fabric in question is the white one in the middle of the photo to the left. She needs 8 inches or so, so if anyone recognizes it and can tell me the manufacturer or where I can buy it, it would be greatly appreciated.
I did think I had some of it in my stash, but the pattern on mine was larger scale than hers. The white square in nearly 2 inches on each side.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

More monochromatic work

The red blocks are done, 12 blocks are what I aimed for and since I have to wait for some bleeched muslin I've ordered to continue that project, I've put them aside.
The project you see (part of) is a new curtain for the wardrobe window. I've been thinking about doing a curtain like this ever since we moved in almost 6 years ago and finally I've pieced the front. I need to order a backing that will let the sun through, so the seamallowances will show up from the inside. I've been quite thorough while piecing this, so the accuracy is quite good (if I can say so myself :-D)

I just love the blues, at least the textile kind ;-)


Sunday, April 08, 2007

My newest obsession

This is what I'm spending most of my time on. I've had a fling with those gorgeous red-and-whites from time to time earlier, but now it has turned to real love. Today I have made Grandmother's Flower Garden-blocks while learning my husband to program his new website to be. You see, I have a plan................

Nothing to be revealed yet, but check in from time to time to see the progress.

Now I have to sew more.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Coasters

Here are a couple of Easter related projects I've done the last couple of days. First there are the criss-cross coasters from this blog. I needed a quick gift when we were going to visit a friend couple. It didn't take long to make them and they were really appreciated.

The other coasters are for myself and my husband. They are handsewn and handquilted. Maybe you have a few Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks extra? They can easily be turned into coasters like this

Have a nice Easter everyone.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another kind of creativity

I know I've been a losy bloger lately, but there's alot going on. My webdesign studies takes time and so has a major designproject I'm in charge of.

I've designed a poster, an event folder and program notes for an annual event of the Communtity School of Music and Arts where I work.

I've done a couple of assignments like this before, so I decided to add a category on my website called Graphic Design, where I could show this kind of work. Now it's done! So feel free to visit my website to check out what I've done.


Saturday, February 10, 2007


Finally! After nearly twenty years and two relocations I can present this finished dinner table cloth. I checked my crochet pattern binder earlier this week and found out that this pattern was found in a Norwegian magazine in 1987. I inherited a dining table from my grandmother in the beginning of 1988 and I guess I started the table cloth right after that. I have worked on it from time to time. The last time was a couple of years ago when I finished the border(not shown). The only thing remaining was securing the thread ends and I needed a couple of years to get the courage to do it.

But now it's done! And I'm satisfied with the result.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Power sewing

I've been sewing alot lately. I started on Thursday between the dress rehersal and the opening concert at the Ilios-festival in Harstad. It's a festival of contemporary music. I played an insanely difficult piece and I needed to relax before the concert. I've been admiring Bonnie's work for a long time and I decided I was going to try out the Basket weave technique. I had a lot of strips narrower than 1.5 inch so I poured them out on my table and started sewing a light one on to a dark one. I cut, sewed and ironed, cut, sewed and ironed and after a couple of hours work I had some blocks done. The best part was that I was totally relaxed after that sewing session. I continued to sew yesterday and this morning also, and now I can present 17 blocks! I don't know what to do with them yet, but I hope to put them in a contemporary kind of work. It would suit the music I've been playing this week.

Thanks Bonnie for the inspiration!


Monday, January 29, 2007

Siggie swap

I've signed up for a blogger swap. At Cynthia's blog you can read about the swap and it still isn't too late to participate. So today I started sewing the blocks. I picked two fabrics and pieced after Bea's directions. As you can see, I've made triangles for sixteen blocks. I couldn't find the muslin I bought 6 months ago, which I intended to use in thye middle. Maybe it's time to sort all my fabrics again. They used to be sorted by colour, but now it's only a mess.

Last, I wanted to post another picture from our skiing trip the other day. It was so beautiful.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

The S-week

Describe the last week with one letter and the letter is S. A lot of Snow, seeing the Sun for the first time this year, a heavy Storm almost preventing us from getting home from work Friday afternoon, the two first Skiing trips this season and finally some Sewing done!

We didn't get much snow before Christmas, but that has changed now. The week started with minus 10 degrees Celcius and lovely weather. We went for two skiing trips. The first one on Monday, but then we started too late to be able to see the sun. So we decided that if the weather was still ok on Wednesday, we would try get out before noon.

We took quite a long walk, more than 15 kilometres and we ended up in a place called Koven, which seemed almost untouched by humans. The slopes were excellent and we only met a couple of other skiers. It felt like being on the moon because of the silence and the cleanness of the snowcovered hills. And yes, we saw the sun!

On our way back we felt that the weather was going to change and boy it did! The next day it blowed and snowed and we just decided to stay indoors. It continued even worse the next day. We had to go into town for work and we had trouble getting there and even bigger trouble getting home. One of my DH's students called and said she couldn't come because they where captured by the snow.

Yesterday and today it has calmed down, but it still snows. My DH has been out removing snow three times this weekend. I did volunteer to help him, but he wanted to do it for the exercise. I've stayed indoors and worked on my Dear Jane. I've made four blocks this week and so far I've done 86 blocks. I've almost finished one of it's corners also. It grows slowly,but it grows


I've also posted a picture from the skiing trip on my webpage, if you're interested.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finishing stuff

I dug into my closets earlier this week, because wanted to make a presentation of crocheted projects I've done earlier. Guess what I found?

A table cloth for my dining table, crochet all finished. The only thing missing was securing thread ends. Probably the reason why it still is in the closet. A gazillion thread ends to be sewn in. Since it's high fashion right now with this kind of table cloths, I've decided to finish it. I'm doing quite a lot every night and have done this for a week, but I'm still not more than halfway through. So I can not share it with you yet.

The project in today's picture (photo: DH) is the first large crochet project I ever did. I found the pattern in a Norwegian magazine Allers. The pattern is actually 20 years old so I guess the project is approximately the same age.

And if you wonder who the cute guy on the picture to the left is? It's my husband portrayed by his uncle 40 years or so ago. Lately he's also started blogging. You can visit his blog here


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday update

It's time for an update of todays efforts. Finally I've started working on Richard's quilt. It's basted and ready to be quilted. I plan to quilt teddybears (see next picture) in the bright squares and also quilt straight lines 6mm from the edge of the block. In the coloured squares I'm only doing x-es and in the outer border just straight lines one inch apart. Nothing fancy but I think it will suit this quilt.

I've also updated my webpage and I needed to shoot pictures of a couple of old projects. This cute heart was quite a challenge to do because of it's tinyness (4.5 x 4 cm). But it is sooooo cute, that it's worth the effort.

I've also finished a pair of mittens. I plan to open a small webshop where you can buy them on February 1st, but I won't promise that it will be up and running from that day exactly.

Now I'm going to read your blogs:-)


Sunday, January 07, 2007

New year - new projects

Hello and happy new year everyone. Today's first picture is taken on the last day of 2006 and shows the river Nidelven in Trondheim. The sky was stunning and I just had to share it with you all.

Yesterday evening we played for 2000 people! It's not often we do that, but our new years concerts are almost sold out every year. Nice music, a festive audience and champagne on the back room afterwards is a nice start on our professional year.

Crafts wise I've set some goals. In January I'm going to:

  • work on Richards quilt

  • finish the crocheted bed spread

  • knit mittens

  • make Dear Jane blocks

I'm also making new curtains for our dining room. I bought some lovely fabric in Trondheim and I'm looking forward to redecorate the room.
Last year someone asked to see a closeup of the quilting in my quilting etude. I do not know if this is close enough, but here's at least a better photo than earlier published. The thread is the gorgeous silk thread I'm using for quilting, redwork and embroidery.

I wish you all a creative new year.