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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas time continued

Hello again. This time I'm reporting from Trondheim, where my mother lives. We came here the 27th and we are going to stay until the 2nd of January. I'm blogging on a really slow connection and was very excited if I would be able to upload images at all, but that went fairly well. I'm also using another imaging program and don't know if the image quality is as well as I think it should be. But nevertheless, I wanted to share some of the Christmas projects I've made for my mother earlier.

The potholders was made with the Tri-Recs ruler and is the only project I ever finished with that one. I'm not a fan about those fast-and-easy rulers which promise you quick and accurate piecing, and I have stopped nuying them. I own only a couple sets. Maybe I will try them sometimes later, but for now I prefer to handpiece this shape.

The second project originates from a wallhanging I once saw. It had lovely tulip blocks and I tried to memorize them for later use. I'm not sure if I remembered it correctly, but this Christmas version isn't bad at all, I think. I've made an Advent version also.

Christmas time is a time for games and fun. We play a game that's known as Ludo here in Norway, I don't know the English name, but you can see how the inner center of the board looks. This was the final result of today's game and if you wonder who won, it was my DH (who played with the yellow pieces).



Patti said...

Looks like a very intersting game. Our whole family is full of game nuts. We and both kids houses have entire cupboards and closets devoted to games. One of he highlights of Christmas and New Years is playing games together. We'll have to keep our eyes out for this one - the board doesn't look familiar. I wonder if it has a different name here in the states?

Sweet P said...

What gorgeous potholders! The game looks interesting. Is the goal to get all your pieces to the middle?

Rondi said...

Ha! I played that game with my Norwegian grandparents! I haven't heard "Ludo" since they passed away. I think the English game might be "Sorry." God Jul!

Jodie said...

I have seen and heard of Ludo but never played it. My 5 year old got Junior Monopoly and Trouble for Christmas this year so we are having daily tournaments! Today is January 2nd, so I wish you a belated Happy New Year.


Theresa said...

This looks a lot like Parcheesi, one of my favorite games, but I'm not sure. I wandered onto your blog from another quilting blog and I am enjoying looking around. You do lovely work!