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Monday, November 20, 2006

Polar Nights are near

It's getting darker every day now. The picture (my husband's) shows how it is at the brightest nowadays, and soon the sun won't rise at all. I notice it on my sleep pattern. Waking up in the middle of the night is not an exception and I guess my mood is more depressed than normal. I thought I should be used to it after almost twenty years above the Arctic Circle, but that's not a fact. In fact, I get just as surprised every year this happens. The only thing that helps is seeing the sun, so I'm looking forward to going further south for Christmas

The crib quilt is pieced and marked. I discovered that I was out of batting, so today I went to town to buy some. To keep me occupied I started a new knitting project yesterday. The mitten production makes alot of colourful scraps so I decided to do something with them also. This time the colours aren't coordinated; I'm just making a 'scrappy' striped 'fabric'. What it will be, I don't know. Maybe a bag, maybe a scarf of maybe one row in a knitted afghan.



Maya Madhavan said...

I can imagine that how much ever you are used to spending months together with little or no sunlight, it would be a shock when that time of the year comes by again. I keep waking up at night too thanks to my jet-lag from my visit to India!
What you are knitting up looks so bright and colourful.

Anonymous said...

Love those stripes!

We still have six hours of light, but my sleep is really off, nonetheless. Can't imagine it up your way!

Sweet P said...

I would like to spend one year above the Arctic Circle just to experience it.

I love the colors in your knitting. Nice, bright and almost sunny.

Anonymous said...

I remember the days getting darker and darker until the sun disappeared. I was living in Bardufoss 18 years. It is a special dark that comes. Not a dark dark but a light dark. If you understand LOL
And when the sun came in the end of january it was a big moment with a lot ot sun parties at the school and kindergarden. It was a bit special.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered getting one of those sunshine alarm clocks?