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Monday, November 20, 2006

Polar Nights are near

It's getting darker every day now. The picture (my husband's) shows how it is at the brightest nowadays, and soon the sun won't rise at all. I notice it on my sleep pattern. Waking up in the middle of the night is not an exception and I guess my mood is more depressed than normal. I thought I should be used to it after almost twenty years above the Arctic Circle, but that's not a fact. In fact, I get just as surprised every year this happens. The only thing that helps is seeing the sun, so I'm looking forward to going further south for Christmas

The crib quilt is pieced and marked. I discovered that I was out of batting, so today I went to town to buy some. To keep me occupied I started a new knitting project yesterday. The mitten production makes alot of colourful scraps so I decided to do something with them also. This time the colours aren't coordinated; I'm just making a 'scrappy' striped 'fabric'. What it will be, I don't know. Maybe a bag, maybe a scarf of maybe one row in a knitted afghan.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Look, she's sewing!

I'm finally sewing again. A new project is on my table. A pair of colleagues of my husband and myself got their third child last week. Already in March, when she told us about the pregnancy, I asked if she wanted me to make a cribquilt for her. She accepted and I started to plan. I wanted to make something unique for her and that was incredibly difficult. I guess I've been procrastinating all this time, but last week, when the baby boy was born, I decided to really give it some attention.

This is what I'm going for. The coloured fabrics are from my Jinny Beyer collection. I'm putting a 4.5 inch teal border outside this center. I plan to quilt teddies in the beige centers and otherwise do some lines diagonally in the coloured squares. Hopefully it will be ready within the beginning of December.

This one has been a really pain to figure out, so I guess it's right, the saying that states that being an artist is 5 percent talent and 95% hard work....

(Photo: my husband)


Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm still here!

Finally I feel like blogging again. I haven't done much quilting lately, feeling like I have a quilter's block, but today I started a project which have been bothering me for the last two weeks. I'm making a crib quilt for a colleague and I haven't known which design to choose. I'll take some pictures when I see that this project is really going the right way.

But I can at least present a finished project. I have redone my webpage and I'm quite satisfied with the result. Take a look at www.ingahelenejuul.no to see what I've been up to.