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Thursday, September 28, 2006

One stitch at a time

I'm in the middle of this ogre. A chrocheted bed spread, where the crochet is finished and the remaining work is "only" sewing it together. Only what?!?!?!? I did some simple math. It's eight seams. Every row consists of 334 rows. There is 2 stiches in every row and that means four stiches in every seam pr row. If my brain still works, that means a total of 10688 stiches. It seems almost impossible to this within reasonable time, but I have already completed one and a half row this week, so maybe within October?

Another ogre is a nosegay quilt I started on one and a half year ago. It's one 12 inch block set on point with an Amish kind of border. Every time I look at it, I wonder where on earth was I when I chose the fabrics for the border. The block is 1930-ish and the border is not. But I've decided to finish it. It's hand sewn so I'm going to hand quilt it. And I'll give it to my uncle who needs something to put on his walls. I know it will be appreciated despite that I'm not satisfied with the colours.

The miniature version of Liberty Flowers is finished and delivered to my brother. He and his wife where satisfied. Pictures are on my other camera and will come when I remember to download them



Maya Madhavan said...

It looks gorgeous and so perfect! You do such good work. I can't even imagine trying something like that!
I just realized that if just the seams were 10688 stitches, we'd probably all keel over in shock if you were to compute and tell us how many crochet stitches you made for each panel itself.

Hedgehog said...

Sounds like you're very busy! The crochet work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

WOW - that sure will be nice when it is done... (I would never finish - start it...)

Patty said...

Oh I understand, I am still not done sewing my hexegons together on the crocheted bedspread. Its not easy work and towards the end it feels so heavy in my lap.
But in the end Inga, you will be so proud of your work. Its really gorgeous. You are doing beautiful work

bluerain said...

Simply beautiful!

This will look so pretty where ever you choose to use it...

Alena said...

hi inga,
what a lovely crochet, it will be beautiful once on the bed :o)
you do gorgeous work

Rosy said...

Good photo of you! The redwork is very nice!