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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shopping and new blog

I'm definately not no-shopping this month. When living on a place with only one decent yarn store nearby, it's a treat to come to Trondheim and visit several shops with a huge sortiment. Until now I've bought some fabrics (tried to pick some fabrics I normally wouldn't choose) and yarn. The yarn in the front of the picture was a bargain. Because it had been in the window arrangement in the store for a while, I got it quite cheap. The fluffy one's are angora or alpaccaand the lime green one is pure silk! The yarn in the back is mitten yarn and that brings me to the main topic of today.

Because my mittens have caught a lot of interest around the world, I've decided to devote another blog only to that craft. You can find it here. I'll be thrilled to get visitors over there also.



Laurie Ann said...

It looks so soft and beautiful! Yum!

Patty said...

Such pretty colors. I can get lost in a yarn store, looking, touching and imagining what to make with all the colors.
As soon as the wedding is over it will be time for me to get back to spinning some wool for winter projects.
Is the wool you use about sock weight, we have sport weight yarn that looks about the same weight as what it shows in the picture

Elizabeth said...

The title of your blog, "Quilting Above the Arctic Circle" caught my eye when I saw the link on another post, and I just had to visit. In fact, I listed your title as one of my seven favorite blog titles on my blog post this morning.

I have an acquaintance from Norway. Her name is Solveig Berge (I'm not sure about the spelling of the last name). She and her lovely family visit our city (Nashville, Tennessee, USA), whenever her husband takes a sabbatical from teaching. He has some connection with Vanderbilt University here. It's been several years since his last sabbatical, and I've lost touch with Solveig. I can't even remember the name of her home town. I never thought about the fact that she might live above the arctic circle.

I'm a beginning blogger and a beginning quilter who has to squeese in quilting time here and there. I have a long, long way to go in learning how But, my mother-in-law creates beautiful quilts.

I love fabric and yarn stores. It's so fun to imagine all of the possibilities.

Drop by my little corner of the web and visit.


Rosy said...

I "stumbled" across your 'blog' and very glad I did! You have a way with words and I feel like I just went on a "trip" reading all your adventures! Thanks!