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Saturday, August 05, 2006

On the road again

We’re on the road again. This time our final destination is Trondheim, where my mother lives. We’re just staying a few days in Bodoe, the county capital of Nordland county. I’m working, my husband is on leave, so it’s a kind of vaction, since we only rehearsed yesterday morning and had the afternoon and evening off. Today we’ve played during the opening ceremony of Nordland Musikkfestuke and later today we’ve been given the honours of performing the official opening concert.

From Kvaefjord to Bodoe it’s approx. 310 km plus a one-hour ferry trip. The scenery is beautiful all the way and we had lovely weather. We made a stop at Kjelvik on Hamaroey and we discovered a path leading to an old cotter’s homestead. It was abandoned in 1967, when the last resident moved away. It must been quite a challenge living there. The road wasn't finished until 1986, so to get supplies, you had to walk a 2 km path down to the sea. The height distance between the farm and the sea is 300m. The farm didn’t have neither electricity nor running water and evertything had to be carried up from the sea. Talk about simple living!

Tomorrow we head south. Mosjoeen is tomorrow's destination. We will be passing the Arctic Circle and I'll take a picture of the monument that marks the Circle so I can show you all.



Alena said...

Hi Inga,
thank you for this post, the photo is beautiful and I had to laugh when you mention the simple living... what a brave people living there...
Looking forward your next post... and good luck with your performances.

the quilters said...

Oh my god !!!!!! I will think about you !!!! My dream is to pass the Arctic Circle !!!!! Because I coucldn't, 8 years ago, I took a picture of the direction indicator we can find in Narvik lol Have a nice trip !!!!!! Céline

Patty said...

those buildings are so pretty. Is that just grass growing on the roofs ? We had friends that had blueberry bushes growing on their roof. It was handy for picking