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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Finished stuff - webwise

I've been a good girl lately. Not starting anything new and not buying anything I really don't need. The table runner is finished and photos will come later. I've dug up a three year old UFO, two place mats shaped like hearts, and hope to finish them within the weekend. But the projects I would like to share with you today haven't anything to do with crafting, or maybe they have?
The first webproject is a webpage for a friend of mine who has moved to the US. She is a singer and needed a webpage to present herself. She has included photos, reviews and audio tracks. You can even hear me playing :-). The link to May-Britt's page is here

The other project is a webpage for another friend of mine. She owns a flowershop and the goodies she treats her customers with are awesome. I've taken alot of pictures in the shop and some of the are on this webpage. If you would like to take a look it's here.


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Patty said...

You are so talented Inga. You did a great job on the web sites. Very impressive.