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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finished stuff - quilted and otherwise

I realized that this quilting blog hadn't talked about quilting at all lately, so it's nice to present another finished item to you. It's nothing fancy, just a table topper that I made as a teaching example for a quilting class a few years ago. I didn't have enough of the green Jinny Beyer fabric in the border so I had to order some more. That took at least three years. And when I finally managed to order that green rose fabric, the two borders that were already sewn on was not printed in the same way as the new fabric! Luckily I had ordered enough fabric to make new borders (Normally I only buy 30 cm, this time I ordered 50!). I brought this work on holiday in July an my mother-in-law fell in love wih it right away. Everytime I worked on it she commented how much she liked colours so I told her to put it on her wishlist for her birtday in September. After a bit of polite reluctance she did it, so now we have that gift problem solved :-)

Another solved gift problem is this scarf. I intended to make it for my husband, but I wasn't fully satisfied with the colours. I'm going to make him another, but with a shade of purple instead of the beige one. So this will be my father-in-law's Christmas present. He's an 88 year old man and he has a lovely leather jacket that this will go nicely with. Colours aren't only for young people. Maybe I'll design some matching mittens also

Since returning from holiday I've been occupied with a lot of household activities. I'm not playing at the moment, have one more week of self inflicted not-touching-the-instrument- period, since I've got four more weeks of free time before the band starts up. You can not describe me as a skilled housewife. My work takes alot of time and since my husband loves to cook, I don't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But I do cook from time to time and right now I enjoy spending time in the heart of our home. Today I've baked these cookies called "dreams" and they sure taste good! I used to make them several years ago, but lost the recipe. Yesterday I searched the Internet ad found a recipe I decided to try. I'm satisfied with the result and tomorrow I will continue to (probably) increase my household skills. You see, I have a recipe for a French lemon pie which my husband says is the best cake he've ever tasted, so I couldn't say no when my husband asked if I could make it this weekend. I made the dough today, it's in the refridgerator, and tomorrow, after my homemade lasagna, we're going to have lemon pie as dessert. Yum!



martha in ny said...

beautiful work Inge and the menu sound delicious!

EileenKNY said...

Sounds like you have not lost your touch in the kitchen. Enjoy the last days of your time off.

Sweet P said...

I always love looking at your photographs. You are one great photographer. The scarf looks so very warm and the cookies look so yummy!

Jodie said...

Hi Inga

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was just looking at your new Blog. I think you should give lessons in time management! You accomplish so much and now two blogs! Lol.

It is nice to be organised with presents before the due date. Your inlaws are very lucky.


Laurie Ann said...

You sound like a busy gal. Your photos are always so nice and well-composed. I wish I could do that! I'll have to see if I can learn to do some cropping with my photos to make them more "artful."

bluerain said...

Inga, you are so talented...I enjoy your blog always..

Debbie said...

Your cookies look and sound so yummy.....would it be possible for you to post the recipe??? If not, perhaps you could tell us the link that got you to te recipe??

Love your blog....