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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Below the Arctic Circle

We've left the Arctic for a while. Approx. 150 kilometres south-east of Bodoe you pass the Northern Arctic Circle. On top of Saltfjellet, you find this monument dated 1937 - 1940. I chose to picture this monument instead of the newer one from 1990 because the WW2 is essential for the road's existence. Many prisoners of war(POW) originating from the old Yugoslavia worked themselves to death slaving for the German forces occupying Norway. If you travel north towards Fauske you find several sights commemorating the Yugoslavs and the work they were forced to do. One part of the road is actually called the "Blood Road". There is a cemitary where they got their first grave, but later they've been moved to a mutual cemitary in Trondheim where almost every Yugoslav POW who died in Norway is buried.
I admit that is a serious topic, but it's important not to forget if generations following us shall avoid doing the mistakes our ancestors did.

Now we're relaxing at a hotel before the last part of our trip. I already miss the Arctic scenery. We're a bit further inlands, and as used to fjords as I am, I feel a bit squeezed. I only get that feeling when we drive, probably because you follow the changes in the landscape more than if you travel by plane. But I really look forward to sharing pictures of my hometown, Trondheim, with you all.



Patty said...

I love how you share history and all about the landscape. Some day I want to come see Norway for myself.

Maya Madhavan said...

Ditto to what Patty said. Thanks for sharing.