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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wanted: Summer!

I've been a lousy blogger lately. It started so well when we were holidaying, but after we returned home last week, I haven't felt like I wanted to share anything. Maybe it has do to with the lousy weather we've had. We went from living on the veranda with 27 degrees celsius to putting on our ovens to heat the house. It was 9 degrees! Makes me want to move further south, but I guess I actually know that bad summer from time to time is the price we have to pay for living in the middle of the fantastic scenery we're surrounded by.

Today I was going ot start working again for a short period, but yesterday the period got even shorter. We got today off, and we don't have to travel to Kirkenes (near the Russian border) next week. Because of terrible planning form the local arrangement committee, our two concerts there next week were cancelled. Then the need for rehearsals dimished. We're only doing a concert on Saturday and also two concerts next Saturday. I've spent my free time painting on the house and testing a car we want to buy (I haven't been driving, just checking if it's okay to sit in the car next to the driver and knit :-D). Buying cars in Norway is incredibly expensive and I'll devote another post to it later.

While driving, I knit mittens. I spend at least three hours in the car every week and that is too much time to let go to waist. I'm planning to take a fancy shot of the mittens out in free air, but I need to secure the thread ends first. Guess how many times I've sworn to do this after every mitten I finish, but when the time comes, I usually forget. So until that fancy shot is taken, here is a small taste of the colours I use. Right now I'm making a pair in two yellow nuances and charcoal black. The colours remind me of honey and licorice, and they are definately not the cup of tea for people seeking traditional Norwegian knitting.



dot said...

incrediable mittens. It must take a long time to knit these.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You are a wonderful knitter! Such tiny needles you must use for these mittens.

I hope you have summer weather that you enjoy soon. And - what a mess with your concert schedules - I would be frustrated.



Sweet P said...

Welcome back from your holiday. I know what you mean about feeling like not doing anything. I'm that way right now after my son's wedding this past weekend.

I love the colors of your mittens. I'm sure they will be keeping hands warm this winter.

anne bebbington said...

I feel for you on the weather front - according to the majority of blogs lately most of Europe and the US is literally melting in the heat - it's not fair that you shouldn't have even a little bit of it - I wish I could send you some of ours if only to get rid of it :o)

The Calico Cat said...

Love those mittens - why do you make so many? Do you sell them? Donate them to charity?

Hanne said...

You make lovely mittens Inga Helene :-) What brand of yarn are you using ?
I know many from my region would love to share some heat with you. I am enjoying the heat myself. It is rare even here.

Judy said...

Pretty, pretty. I'd love to be able to do this one day!!

tami said...

Very pretty mittens. I hate to waste time too. Knitting is great for long car rides and waiting rooms.

Jodie said...

9 degrees in Summer, wow, that's cold. It doesn't get that cold here in winter! What are your winter temperatures like?