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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lazy days

We are enjoying some lazy days in the southern parts of Norway. Last Wednesday we travelled down to my inlaws for two weeks of relaxation. And the first thing that met us was summer weather! Since our two lovely days in may we haven't had the feeling of summer at all, only a couple of days with something that looked like warm spring. I was totally blown out due to allergies and it took a couple of days to get adjusted to the temperature, but now I enjoy living on the veranda and wearing summer clothes.

We have travelled a bit around. First to say good bye to a friend couple that's going to the States for three years. He is going to do a PhD in theology and she is freelancing as a singer. We spent a lovely day in Aasgaardsstrand, a small village that's mostly known for it's former inhabitant, the internationally famous painter Edvard Munch. And then we spent a couple of days with my husbands niece and her family. In the pictue we are disturbed by the photographer while I'm fixing something in Martine's knitting. She and her sister are so fun. Every time we visit and I bring my knitting, they both run to find their knitting also.

Today we're going to Blaafarveverket. I'll write more about that later. Have a nice day, folks!



The Calico Cat said...

What are you doning with those red, white, & blue "blocks?"

Laurie Ann said...

Have fun!!!

Hanne said...

Enjoy your vacation. The sun will be appearing again tomorrow - I hope :-)

Sweet P said...

You look like you are having so much fun! What are the red, white and blue blocks for?

Sandra said...

Love those hexagons - paper piecing is so relaxing isn't it :-)

Maya Madhavan said...

I see the second liberty flowers project is in full swing. They look lovely. It is a nice project for travelling.
And, I like that fun photo! :)

Patty said...

it looks like you have a bit of a sun burn on your shoulders ! So summer did really come.
What a fun time you must be having