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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Work, work, work!

Hi Gals!

I apologize for no posting, but work has taken over my life! You see, the funding for our military band isn't the best, but this period there are money to produce concerts, and someone has decided to produce as many concerts that it's possible to squeeze in in 25 days. More precise, there are planned 18 concerts, almost all of them with different programs. So if I was paid by the number of notes I'm playing in June, I would have a year's income from all this activity in June only :-D

Sadly there isn't much extra to achieve, only free time (which I can spend sewing hehe). But there's also fun since there is a large cultural festival starting this weekend. We're going to play 7 concerts within a wee (one every day!) so it will be a lot to do, but I also will be able to enjoy other concerts and exhibitions. Next Monday, I'm going to listen to Rickie Lee Jones performing in the large concert hall in Harstad. I will go to the hairdresser's and enjoy a nice meal also, so that will be MY day.

I manage to do some crafty work. I knit in the car to and from work, I manage to baste some pieces between my daily excercises on the instrument, and I try to crochet a motif for a table runner every night.

It could have been worse....



Jodie said...

Welcome back Inga, sound like you have been very busy, but having fun.


Hanne said...

Enjoy your concerts - both on and off stage :-)

Alena said...

wow, Inga, you are so busy! I just want to say a quick hi and wish you a lot of energy...
my brother was 4 days in your beautiful country - he is always being invited by nortel for a kind of retreat with another managers of european telecom companies, they spent their days fishing and staying in some kind of awsome rustic hotel in the countryside... the owner of the hotel was treating them to a homemade bread and cookies and everyone of them were just over the moon :o), he was to Norway already the third year in a row this way, one of the trips was staying in the eis hotel - gosh no one would make me sleep there brrrrrrr - I am cold only thinking about it... anyway I hope you enjoy yourself... take care, a.

Patty said...

Good to hear again from you. It sounds like you are very busy.