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Thursday, June 01, 2006

May ends - June begins

This is my friend and colleague, Heidi, with her ongoing project. She participated in my handpiecing class earlier this month and she has been bitten by the quilting bug. She came for a visit yesterday, because she needed some help with her sewing machine, and she also brought her hand piecing projects. I really liked this one. She was wondering about how she should put borders on it, but I advised her to leave it as it is. It's lovely!

We had a nice lunch and then we spent a couple of hours in my sewing room. We managed to make her machine work, so now she'll bind the projects she's already done.

My May challenge is over. I'm quite proud of what I achieved. I almost didn't buy anything (Just two magazines on the day when life decided to be really cruel with me). The only new project was a border that didn't suit the purpose it was made for, so instead of putting it aside, I found a proper use for it. I didn't touch the scrap box. I had planned to deal with it when my mother came for a visit in the end of May(I thought), but then she damaged her shoulder. We'll deal with that when she comes later this summer. But I finished 5 pairs of mittens, 18 other items and I also worked on 9 other projects. My project boxes are reduced to two (really packed boxes, though).

My UFO list is still long, longer that it says on the right, so I've decided to challenge myself a bit more. No starting projects and only buying things I need to complete stuff on the UFO list. I'll try to stick to that until the holiday starts



Patty said...

Now you need to have Heidi get bit by the blogging bug : )
I like what she has done, the colors work well together.
You did great with your projects for the month of May. I never even got as far as making a list of the things I need to do

martha in ny said...

Hi Inge
I was impressed with your commitment to finishing UFOs. I think a couple of magazines are fine! Let me know if you want me to send you some more!

Alena said...

Inga, I love your friend's project,
beautiful color scheme,
you are a great teacher!

Judy said...

You did great! You should feel very good about getting so much finished! A few mag's are certainly within reason when you have a tough day. Everyone needs a treat now and then. I love your friends project...the colors are so crisp and bright!

The Calico Cat said...

Your friend has a great sense of color!