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Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm free! (At least for five days)

Guess what, I'm free. At least, a kind of. No, I haven't resigned or taken a leave, but today, I played the last concert for a while. My freedom lasts only for a limited period of time though. June has been an overloaded month and the summer break is shorter than usual. And how can I claim that three weeks is a short break?

In Norway, we're allowed five weeks holiday every year. Because of our working structure, we all have to schedule our holidays for the same period. In addition to the four weeks holiday we're normally granted during summer, we're allowed two weeks of rehearsing by ourselves to get fit to being able to perform for an audience.

But because of a major semi-military event, we have to return after three weeks to play one concert, and then someone decided that we also should participate in a couple of festivals in the region. So my summmer holidays goes in the drain. I can't stop playing now, since there is only three weeks until our next concert. I've decided to stop playing for five days (not three weeks), before I start exercising again. That's all I feel I can allow myself if I'm going to be able to deliver a professional result at our concerts in the end of July.

After that, we do not have to report back for a six weeks period. How much of that will be a non-instrumental period? Only a couple of weeks I guess. Working as a professional musician never allow you to rest for a long period. It's like being a professional athlete. The only difference is the pay :-(

But I will certainly enjoy my holiday. I plan to study a couple of web design related subjects at University College this fall, and I know for sure that I need all the energy I can accquire through the weeks that lies ahead of us.

I hope to post a couple of project pics within a week from now. This post's picture is taken by my husband.



Simonetta said...

Enjoy your vacation Inga, I hope that you will be in relax for some days :))))
Lovely your pincushion ;)))

Screen Door said...

Sucess! enjoy your break-- summers are way too short..

Judy said...

Enjoy what you can of your break and look forward to the six week one!

Rondi said...

Hi Inga--

A year ago I was in Norway with my American family visiting our Norwegian family for the first time. What an amazingly beautiful country! It took my breath away. We only were in the South, though. Some day I hope to see your part of the country. I've enjoyed reading about your music as much as your quilting (I play clarinet, too, although not professionally...just for fun). Thanks for sharing!

The Calico Cat said...

What instrument do you play? (My husband is the instrumental one in our family. French Horn and Organ. Odd combination, huh? There is a story there if you want to hear about it.)