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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Girl Power!

Do you remember "Spice Girls" - the English pop group with five female members. None of them could actually sing, despite the fact that all of them tried to convince the audience the opposite. They where picked out after auditions by producers from the popular music business. Producers who knew which parameters that would create a number-one-hit. Good looks, sex appeal and the abillity to perform a song designed for the charts. Remember, I haven't said anything about musicality. This industry (the popular music one) isn't interested in talent, only in cashmaking.

As I've told you before, Friday is our big night in front of the TV. After a long week of hard work, it's a comfy relaxation to just vegetate and be entertained. But tonight I had a awesome and inspiring moment in front of "the Box".

Seven young musicians competed tonight in the "2006 Eurovision Young Vienna"- competition. 18 musicians from all over Europe met last weekend to compete, and tonight's competitors where chosen after a semifinal with excellent performances. Tonight's final was an outstanding event of musical performance and juvenile perfectionnism you rarely see. None of the competitors where older than 19, but their musicality was way beyond what you would expect from a professional (adult) musician.

Norway's representative was the young woman on the picture. She, Tine Thing Helseth, is 18 years old and plays the trumpet incredibly well. She has already studied for several years; she practices several hours every day and her career is going up like a rocket. Tonight she was awarded 2nd price in this competiton, only beaten by a Swede! (I'll talk about Sweden and Norway sometime later). She played so well in the final, even better than in the national final, and we are so proud of her. Congratulations Tine! Well done!!!! Your performance tonight is what Girl Power is really about!

She is actually going to play with our wind band in June. We're really looking forward to that



Alena said...

Oh, this sounds thrilling, congrats to Norway shame on Sweden :o)
enjoy playing with the young talent, she looks lovely...

Patty said...

what a sweet looking young lady. WIshing her well in her musical career