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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday night

It's past midnight (Is that 12 pm or am?) and it still isn't dark. It hasn't been for weeks and the midnight sun is only days away. Where I live, you can't see the sun at 1 am (which is actually midnight due to daylight savings time), but you get an impression of how it is. Dark nights are four months away and the plants and seeds grow quite fast at the moment. I'm not a gardening spesialist, but I rely on good neighbours and a bit of luck. Maybe my garden will look good this summer?

I got a distressed call today from my mother. She had fallen and broken a bone in her shoulder. I was in the middle of a teaching class and the student had to sense that I got a bit disturbed at that moment. I called my mother back right after the classes and she told me that it was her left shoulder she had damaged. She fell over a fence that wasn't removed after the constitution day and she was going to write a complaint to the community. She is able to eat breakfast and do simple stuff wth her right arm, but dinners have to be eaten in restaurants. On Monday I will try to arrange for a nurse to come and help, but I don't know how difficult that will be. She'll maybe need an operation, and if that occurs I will go down to her to help her. It's very difficult to live this far away (930 kilometres) and I won't be easier the older she grows.

The May challenge is going fine. I will post photos of last weeks finished stuuff during the weekend.



Simonetta said...

Hi Inga,you live in a very beautiful country, I hope that one day I will see the sun to midnight!!!
I am sorry a lot for your mother, I make wishes that it can recover soon :))))

Maya Madhavan said...

The midnight sun - what an awesome sight it must be! I'd love to be able to see it someday.
I am sorry to hear about your Mom's shoulder. A broken shoulder bone is tough to deal with since it is difficult not to move one's shoulder. I hope it heals soon.

dot said...

I am sorry to hear of your Moms shoulder. Hope things heal quickly.

Midnight sun. Must be wonderful, but hard to sleep.

Hanne said...

Speedy recovery to your mother !! The midnight sun is beautiful. We went to Finmark once, before kids, when we were young and did not take much notice of 3 full days in the car, and had the pleasure of seeing it. We get short and not very dark nights here in the south of Norway as well - is someone could turn off the rain and brush away the clouds that is ! The leaves are now growing very fast thanks to all the rain, but some sun and heath will do us humans very good as well. If you need sewing company I am here all day :-)

Patty said...

What a beautiful place you live. Seems like you could be inspired by nature every day in such a place.
Praying your mom will mend quickly. Its so hard to be far from our parents as they grow older.

Alena said...

Oh, Inga, I am sorry to hear what happened to you mother, I hope she recovers quick and hopefully she does not need an operation, take care... and good luck with your garden this year. A.

Laurie Ann said...

So sorry to hear about your mother. Hopefully she won't need surgery. Keep us informed!