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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Ask a Norwegian kid what's special about the 17th of May, and he or she will probably tell you that it's Norway's birthday. And today we've celebrated. It started early today, around 8 a.m, when we gathered in front of a stone monument raised in memory of young soldiers who fought in Gratangen in the beginning of WW2. It snowed a lot and I started to worry about the parade. We went down to a hotel in town to have breakfast before the parade, and when we sat there, the sun came through the skies. And it lasted! It's still nice weather. I wouldn't call it warm today, but it was sufficient to make our job quite comfortable. And it was also nice for the kids since they could dress up in nice clothes and "bunader", which is a traditional Norwegian costume.

For kids this day is like a giant birthday party. There are balloons, and you can eat (almost) as much ice and sausages as you please. Sodas are also available and there are games for the kids at the local school afterwards the parade.

After we finished our job, we went to listen to another ensemble that played music by Norwegian composers. And afterwards we went home to have a nice dinner. It din't go as planned, since we forgot to buy an important ingredience, but the meal was okay anyhow.

Now we're enjoying the rest of "our" birthday. Congratulations to all fellow Norwegians!!



Patty said...

Sounds much like our 4th of July celebrations here. Parades, fire works, ice cream, we do BBQ outside of hambergers and hot dogs. Its a fun time.
Glad you had an enjoyable day !

Laurie Ann said...

Happy birthday Norway!!

kelly said...

Happy birthday!