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Monday, April 10, 2006


We're spending Easter together with my inlaws. That means travelling 1600 kilometres. First there's one hour by car from our house to the airport. Then there's a one and a half hour flight and finally there's there and a half hours by train. I like travelling, but I don't like to fly. I even like being on airports. Buying glossy magazines and having a glass of wine at a time of the day when people think it's too early to have lunch. But when the time has come to board the plain, the butterflies in my stomach are trying to escape. I've done a couple of charter flights at job, where some of the guys convinced the pilotes that today was a good day to exercise flying vertically (almost). I was FURIOUS!!! The guys hasn't forgotten that trip either, but they remember it because of my anger. Today there was no vertical flying, just minor shaking, that's probably normal, but for me every transportation method where your feet aren't on the ground, is extreme sport.

"Training" (travelling, not exercising) is fun though. You can work, sleep, eat or just do nothing. Usually I do computerwork. We buy upgraded tickets, which isn't nescessarily more expensive than normal tickets (non refundable upgraded tickets are cheaper than refundable ordinary ones). That includes coffee, newspapers and an electrical socket for using your computer. But today I wasn't in the mood of computerizing. So I basted instead. I don't know what this will end up as, but it sure made the travelling time go faster.



Jodie said...

That is a long journey Inga! Where do your inlaws live?

Patty said...

I used to love to fly but now I am not so anxious to be up in the air. I fly to my sisters in June. And the destination will be the focas and not the flight