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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring cleaning

Spring has finally arrived here in Northern Norway. There's no more snow around our house and today we decided to work outside the house. My husband fixed the garage door, which we haven't been able to use since February and I cleaned the stall. It actually has a floor that you can walk on... :-) But that was impossible to know before today. There were several pair of outdated skis, (with the wax from several years ago still on) a lot of wooden material from earlier redecoration projects ( I was going to chop it up for our fire place, I just had to remove the nails, but we don't use our fireplace anymore, so I've postponed it) plastic wrap from new purchases that should have been throwed away the moment that the purchases entered our house, some doggy stuff (it's more than six years since our last dog died) and of course gardening- and car stuff. I threw a lot, moved some stuff that was keepable and put all the wooden material onto the bonfire for midsumer in our neighbourhood. I haven't missed time, we start building the bonfire at this time every year. Cleaning up gardens and houses makes a great bonfire. I actually did some spring cleaning at the grocery's yesterday also, buying Easter marzipan at 50% off, and that's what we had with our coffee during the break outside our house.

The weather forecast for tomorrow antecipates nice and warm weather, so maybe I'll be able to clean up my flower beds, which was my original plan for today.

I'm spring cleaning my UFO-box also. I've set my goals to working on two UFOs every day plus knitting some rounds on my mittens. I don't have to do a lot on each project, just sew a thread or two. I hope to post at least two finished projects within the next week. And hopefully I will find energy to clean up the stall in the cellar also.



Patty said...

Sounds like a fun busy day. Spring cleaning is always something that makes you feel better when its done.

Hanne said...

Happy spring to you Inga Helene :-) We are spring cleaning outdoors and indoors as well, DH changing tires on our cars today. If more snow comes now we do not expect it to stay on the ground. I am spring cleaning in my sewing projects as well, and my goal for the next months is to move at least one tread on 3 projects every day, so if you need company you have a fellow seamstress / embroiderer in the southern part of the country :-)