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Sunday, April 30, 2006

More spring cleaning

Finally! The tax return reports are delivered, both for me and my husband. Hopefully the result on the picture is slightly exaggerated than what real life results will show.

More sping cleaning done today. I did start on the stall in the cellar and you might see a small difference, but it's a long process before I can call it tidy. The flower beds look better after I worked on them also. My husband changed the tyres on our car. In Norway the limit for changing from winter to summer tyres is the first of May, so it had to be done today. I also swept the garage floor and made decisions about what to throw away when we rent a trailer together with our nearest neighbour next week. I think we have to go twice to the disposal service just to get rid of everything.

The afternoon was spent on the veranda. The temperature is way over normal, more like beginning of June, than end of April. We sat there and enjoyed the view and I knitted some rounds on my mittens. Tonight I've almost finished quilting a table runner for my mother, so now I'm going to baste some hexagons. Then my goal of work for today is achieved.


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