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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back on track

I'm back on track again. After spending nine days in Skien, Telemark, together with my inlaws, I came back to Kvaefjord on wednesday. My inlaws are quite old, 88 and 86 years old, but they are in quite good shape, managing on their own in a small flat with a grocery store on the ground floor. They even have a brand new computer with WLAN installed and they both have their own cellphone. They don't need much help on a daily basis, but for spring cleaning and dusting on top of the shelves, we try to help out every time we visit them. But I did have time to work on my crafts also. This little quilt is 12 x 20 inches and is all hand sewn. I found a real bargain on fabrics i Skien. A shop sold Jinny Beyer palette fabrics for less than USD 6.50 pr inch. That's less than one third of normal price. I bought six metres, 12 fabrics (50 cm of each fabric) and had to make something of them at once. I chose to handpiece a broken dishes pattern with most of the fabrics. I had to substitute two of them with lighter fabrics which I had brought with me, to get enough light ones. The border fabric is also Jinny Beyer, which I grabbed from my stash. It's basted and I've started to quilt it also.

I also did some knitting. Before Easter I got a commision for ten pairs and I need to stock up at the florist and gallery also. Here are the pairs I made during Easter. Normally I make only one of each colour version every year, but the flowershop owner saw the red and pink one and ordered immediately a pair for herself. Do I need to tell that her favorite colour is pink?

Tomorrow we start rehearsing for this weeks concert. Grieg piano concerto is on together with a piece by Percy Grainger. If you've never listened to music by this composer originally from Australia, check out his Lincolnshire Posy, originally written for winds.



Alena said...

Hi Inga,
it is nice to have you back... your quilt looks really lovely and the gloves - as usual - beautiful!!!
good luck with new pieces of music...

dot said...

Beautiful mittens. What detailed handywork. The quilt is rather nice also. Glad to see you back.

Patty said...

Glad to have you back blogging !
The mittens are outstanding Inga. I sure wish I could knit like you.
The pink and red are great together.
You got a lot done in a short time.
How nice your in laws are so independant at their ages. Something we should all strive for

Sharon said...

B eautiful knitting, too!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Inga - I am glad that you had safe travels and a nice visit with your in-laws. How very blessed that they are in such good health.

Good bargain hunting - that fabric was a real find. And your knitting skills are truly outstanding! Lovely mittens.



Hanne said...

Nice to see you again :-) Lovely mittens and sweet little quilt !

Laura said...

What lovely mittens!