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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Liberty Flower - closeup

I thought I should share a closeup of Liberty Flowers with you. I came up with this design when working with the shapes I use for English paper piecing. I had basted some gemstones for the coloured star in "Star among stars" and I played with them, contemplating what happens if I turn the star points inwards. Then this flower showed up. It reminded me of the plastic flowers to put on your jacket that are for sale around our constitution day(17th of May). They're sold for charity. When I started this quilt last year, Norway was celebrating its centennial as an independant nation. I chose to make the flowers in flag colours, but there are different versions of flags. Some old, some new, some with syntethic fabric and some made of not so serious entrepreneurs. I wanted them all to be represented. I kept the quilt in an Americana style, and I also quilted french lillies (Fleur-de-Lis) in the corners since the American constitution and the French revolution where the thought material that inspired the men that were responsible for our constitution i 1814. Full soveregnity wasn't achieved until 1905, when we freed ourselves from the union with Sweden. Before 1814 we were subordinated the Danish government, and back then, Norway was a very poor country. That's why I chose to appliqué the flowers onto a quite coarse cotton/linen mix. It's quilted with silk thread though.

I've never seen this kind of block before, but I'm interested if anyone has seen it in other quilts.



Maya Madhavan said...

Turning the star points inward was a great idea! In the full photo you'd posted in your "Finally!" post, it looks like a curve, which is why I thought you'd done curved piecing. I don't believe I've seen a block like it anywhere before, but of course I am a relative newbie and don't have years of experience. The quilting in this quilt sounds delicious! I'd love to see a closeup photo that shows off all that hand quilting. Thanks for sharing how the quilt was born and the inspiration for it.

Patty said...

I haven't seen one like that before but I sure like it. the quilting sounds perfect for the quilt.

Jodie said...

Liberty Flowers is beautiful, can we also see a close up of Star among Stars - I love that one!
Thanks, Jodie

Hanne said...

Lovely quilt Inga Helene :-) I also like the symbols you have put into it, fabric wise and colour wise