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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Friday Feelings

It's Friday night and it's time to conclude on this weeks efforts. I've been working hard on the quilting project for the upcoming exhibition (last post). Tonight I finished outline quilting the fifteenth block. I have started quilting the border. It was too tempting not to start. If I finish quilting the the blocks by Sunday (25 blocks), it's a fair chance that I will finish the quilting process before I antecipated. The border work is quite fast to do.

Today I've been doing a lot of stuff for the exhibition. Earlier this week I ordered 7 enlargements of my photos . Today I ordered 8 new ones. I also collected two of my pictures which were printed on canvas. They looked great! I went to the "framer guy" to get them blind framed. It's soooooooo much to think about and remember. One thing I'm satisfied with is the guestbook I'm working on. On the back of the white stripe in the blocks at the left I've ironed freezerpaper to stabilize the fabric. Then the guests can sign the blocks and I can make a quilt of it afterwards.

This Friday has also included listening to wonderful music. Beethoven's seventh symphony is one of my favorites, and tonight it felt like the most beautiful piece ever written. ( I know that will change). Another favourite on this night would be the 23rd piano concerto by Mozart. Listen and enjoy!

Life is good after all



Maya Madhavan said...

Glad to hear your quilting is chugging along at a neat pace. All the best - I hope you finish well in time.
That's a neat idea - to make blocks that guests can sign that you will turn into a quilt later. What a wonderful way to remember the exhibition! You rock! :)

Patty said...

What a great idea Inga on the quilt guest book. Please take lots of pictures of your exhibit. I am so excited for you. Wish I could come see it. Also have your husband take some pictures of you being the "important artist".

Alena said...

Oh Inga,
you are such a hardworking girl!
I am to hear that everything goes as planned...
I also love the both pieces of music you mention in your post!
Good luck with the exibition, I am looking forward to seing the photos...

Jodie said...

I love your guest book idea. And the colour contrast is beautiful. All the best of luck for your exhibition.

lil said...

I just have to tell you, I love evrything you do and I hope that we can see some pics from the exibition

Finn said...

What a good idea for signature block...the colors are awesome!!

Flora said...

How beautiful. Your work is amazing and with green being my favorite color, I've really fallen for this one! :o)