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Monday, March 06, 2006

Colour me beautiful

I've gotten a lot of compliments for my colour choices. I'm very grateful and thank you all for that. I try not to plan too much and work by instinct, not theory. I learned at the Kaffe Fassett classes I took earlier to work fast, very fast, and almost throw the fabrics on the design wall without thinking. Then you use the creative side of the brain, not the analytic. We precut the fabrics before the class started and in an hour we had put up the whole center of the quilt.

The quilt in this post is an example of how well "not planning" can come out. This was a mutual project I did when I taught a beginners class here where I live. The girls were told to pick out 2 lights and 2 darks from their stash and cut 8 squares of each. They where sorted in a stacks whith one of each fabric from all. Then they were told to sew a light one and a dark one together without planning, to make squares of triangles. I picked only four of the fabrics in this quilt plus the borders, but I think it works well anyhow.

What I mean to say is, try to learn as much about which colours you like. Look in magazines, on pictures and painting, in the nature or whereever. If you see a shade or hue you like, try to memorize it. Have an active relationship with colours. Then it's much easier to work by instinct. I think my colour choises is much based upon the cold clear winter weather and the short and intense summers we have above the Arctic Circle, not the knowledge of colourcircles and other theories.

I don't know if you girls really need this; you all make so excellent quilts with lovely colours, but I'd like to share my thoughts.



Kate said...

That's an interesting tip about working fast-- I'm going to give it a try!

Patty said...

I am going to my sewing room right this moment and try this. I usually plan and plan my colors or look at the combinations others have used. I will cut out tonight and see what happens.
You have good insights Inga, thank you for sharing

Maya Madhavan said...

I spend so long planning the colours and combinations, it almost scares me to think of putting fabric together without thinking. I spent almost 3 hours choosing the fabrics for the mystery garden top, even when I knew it was for a mystery quilt! My way is possibly the mark of a newbie with pretentions to art! :) I should give your method a try - it sounds wonderfully liberating!

This quilt is very stunning - I kind of see what the almost random choices of fabric do to enhace visual appeal. On the other hand, I also do think that this technique may not always be successful in the hands of someone who doesn't, like you say, have an active relationship with colours.

thefrogpryncess said...

How pretty! I like the color combination. That's actually how I tend to do some of my quilts, unless they are a specific theme...I just pick some fabric out and toss them together.

Laurie Ann said...

Yes, you are good with your color choices. I have such a hard time with that. I don't think to put colors together and when I see someone else do it I say, why didn't I think of that? That's why I like scrappy! :) But I'll keep trying and learning from you all!

Lucy said...

Huray .. I love how you descripe this. It is the way I choose my fabrics too. Not think to much about it just grab, follow and TRUST you instincts

cindyquilts said...

what a lovely outcome. Sometimes, I think my colors pick themselves, just by being there when I need 'something' ... that was how I got the trim/ back of Brenda's quilt.

tami said...

you do have a good color sense. i tend to analyze and probably over think. i am going to have to give your way a try.

Hanne said...

Hi Inga Helene :o)
Nice blog you have. I have had a tour on it and admired your DJ quilt in the making. Once I have finished the DJ embroider, which will be a gift for a DJ friend this year I will work more on DJ blocks. I already have a full quilt, but can not stop making those small beauties :o) I have added your link to my blog and hope it is ok.