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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


As I mentioned earlier I ordered cards with some of my pictures on. Here are the result. The cards are double and are delivered with an envelope. I'm thinking about putting them up for sale at my website, but there's a lot to decide. I have to find a payment method and decide a price. What is the normal price for a card like this outside Norway? I'm thinking about selling them in packages of four (one of each motive). I have ordered 500 of each so I think I'll never have to buy another card again :-D

At the moment I'm feeling quite empty. I have been working so hard, and suddenly I don't have to do anything. Earlier today I talked about my photos and quilts to high school kids. They were quite a cute gang, not the kind of rascals 15 year olds can be at their worst. I feel like in need for a holiday, but it's still two weeks until easter so I'll just hang on.

I have started working on a miniature version of Liberty Flowers which my brother and his family have commisioned. It will only contain 9 flowers and the blocks will be 4 inches instead of 8 inches. I'm also planning to make a pattern for sale on that particular quilt and I will let you know when it's ready.

Now I have to go and practice



Hanne said...

Lovely cards Inga :-) You could create yourself a PayPal account. Check it out.

Alena said...

Inga, your cards are beautiful, I can imagine how you feel now, so busy and rushing to have it everything done in time and now it is suddenly over, just take a deep breath and relax a bit - of course -do not forget to practice :o)
what I would give for this kind of emptyness - I am so busy without no time for myself... except late night hours I must admit...
Take care...

Patty said...

For items I sell, my soap etc. The rule of thumb that someone told me to use in price setting is twice what it cost you to make. I am not sure what something like that would sell for in the US but will check out a couple stores to see what they have that is similar