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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Touring Norwegian outskirts

I've been away for a couple of days. Our wind band does some touring, but not as much as we really want to. Our trip now was a three hour busdrive to a place called Heggelia. It's in Maalselv community and the picture is showing how the community centre, Andselv, looks like on a Saturday morning. The wind band I work in is a military band, but it's not a marching band. We play mainly concerts for the civilllian people up North, and our main purpose is to be a link between the Army and the people outside. On this trip we played 3 concerts. One with a rock singer that sings Deep Purple songs and the two others where opening concerts of a new sports- and leisure centre for both the Army people and the civillians of Maalselv community.

The other picture is taken inside one of the shopping malls up there. Not big but you can find some nice stuff there. I bought a skirt on sale. It costed only 15 dollars. Didn't find any quilting stuff, but I bought a Mc Call's magazine with interviews and patterns from ten distiguished quilters.

I managed to do some quilting anyhow. Yesterday we had to wait for two hours to play 15 minutes, and then there was new two hours of waiting before we couldplay our last fifteen minutes. We where one of many participants, hence the waiting. I found a nice couch and did some handquilting



Patty said...

this weekend I watched a video on travelling in Norway. They showed a trip called, Norway in a Nutshell.
I have never seen such a beautiful country.
I want to know how you managed to find a couch to match your quilt : )

Lucy said...

What a nice picture. I can see that you are quilting without a hoop? Nice quilt. and yes whyle waiting you can so so much :c)

Alena said...

Hi there above the arctic circle,
Inga, I enjoy so much reading your post... Always when I come to your blog it reminds me of my favourite actress - Liv Ullman and of all those great movies made by I. Bergman - I love them

Maya Madhavan said...

That's a nice photo of you with that gorgeous black-white-gray and red quilt! That couch is perfect for the photo too! :) From the photo it looked like you were hand quilting without a hoop - am I right?

Bonnie said...

Beautiful quilt! I bet you get lots of compliments when you are quilting between playing! I love how portable some quilting projects can be. I worked on my hexagons too, yesterday, while sitting at the massage clinic waiting to answer phones :c)