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Monday, February 27, 2006

Quilting motif

I thought that some of you would maybe see the quilting border I'm working on. Here's a sneak peak. I've drawn it to three and a quarter sides of the quilt, so I hope to baste it tomorrow and start quilting tomorrow night. I did have to go to town to buy some batting today. My DH drove in and I bought some Warm and Natural batting together with some beige cotton thread for piecing (only batting available). It took 1.5 hours so I didn't have time to paint, but a girl gotta do the important stuff :-D. We did go on a skiing trip for an hour. The body needed exercise

The batting is now washed, dried and ready to be basted. I just have to finish the border drawing. I'm so excited how this will turn out.



Patty said...

Oh I got pretty excited when I saw that design !!!!
I love it. Are you going to use white thread or red ?
Did you think up that rosemaling design or find it in a book ?
Its just beautiful Inga.

Alena said...

What a beautiful and complex motif! I cannot wait to see it quilted, I hope you enjoy that work...