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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Living off centre

"So you're moving to Kvaefjord" said a woman I know five years ago, when we moved from Harstad to Kvaefjord. "But then your commute will be timeconsuming". She didn't think about that her husband does the exact opposite of us; they live in Harstad and he works in Kvaefjord. That's typical, it's always longer to go from a centre to the outskirts than the opposite. I have to tell that this is not central parts of Norway. We live 1500 kilometres from the capital, Oslo and Harstad isn't a metropol, just a small town with 23000 inhabitants. In Kvaefjord Community there are 3000 inhabitants, and the community centre (Borkenes) has 1600 residents.

There are several advantages living up in the North. The houses cost less (our appraiser said we saved $75 000 compared to Harstad-prices, in Oslo we could only get a small studio for the same amount that we paid for our large house). The air is the cleanest in all Norway (too North for European pollution, too South and West for Russian). The is no noise (only an occasional magpie or two :-D).No queues (not even in the skiing tracks). And being a musician here lets you do all the fun stuff. In Oslo there are dozens of musicians that fight over the fun jobs, here we can decide what we want to play and make things happen ourself. If we don't do it, no one else does.

I'm born and raised in Trondheim, a quite large city in Norway (135 000 inhabitants). I thought that I was a city girl, but now I know better. I love living off centre, where I can have a nice quiet life, looking at an incredibly beautiful scenery just outside my window and get to work in the city in only 20 minutes.

Todays picture is for la tea dah. I've read her blog where she shares some of her delicate porcelaine cups. I found this in the shop that sells my mittens. You can't drink of it but it's incredibly cute.



La Tea Dah said...

Inga, I just read your blog and was so excited to see that you mentioned me and posted a lovely photo of a delicate porcelain teacup with strawberries on it! Thank you so much! I enjoy your blog every day. . .and am so glad that Patricia from the Morning Ramble blog posted your link so I could find your site. I hope you have an incredibly awesome day!

La Tea Dah

Patty said...

Your town is near the size of mine. We are 5,000. Our house was $17,000 13 years ago. 3 bedrooms, and lots of land. We had work to do for sure, but this is a really reasonable place to live. Our house now is worth $65,000.
Your scenery is far superior to ours ! I would love to look out my window and see mountains
The tea cup is so pretty.

Flora said...

It's an amazingly beautiful cup and saucer! Thank you for sharing the photo.