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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Have you been Jane-ing lately?

I'm one of several thousand people working on a wonderful, yet challenging quilt. Jane Blakeley Stickle finished in 1863 a large quilt that today is known as Dear Jane. It consists of 225 different blocks, none of them are equal to another and their complexity is a challenge for even the most skilled quilter. For instance the block you see at the left in the picture (the 8-point star within the 5-point star). The 8-point star is 1 squareinch! It took me years to get the courage to start on that. I didn't handpiece when I started to work on it four and a half years ago, but I do now. My appliqueing skills have also improved by doing these blocks. Today I have 71 blocks and 1 triangle and the total amount of pieces I've used so far is 1234.

A lot of the "Janiacs" make the quilt with reproduction fabrics similar to the original. I'm no repro-girl, so I chose to make an "Arctic Jane". I took some photos on our skiing trip yesterday so you can see where I got the inspiration from. The blues we see around us now are incredible, especially right before the sun rises or right after it sets.



Lucy said...

OOOhh you live on a most beautifull place on earth I supose! I love your DJ...

dot said...

I read so much about the Dear Jane I don't think I will ever try it. I am not the persistant or dedicated. I love your snow pictures. I grew up in Montana, at that time we had alot of snow and I miss it sooooo much. I just look at these pictures and think about how lucky you are.

Alena said...

Beautiful photos, Inga. And your DJ blocks look really great, when finished it will look really fresh and neat in these colours. I love it.

cindyquilts said...

I love the cripness of the blue in your DJ blocks ...
And your landscape pics are always so wonderful.

Patty said...

What a challange ! I cannot even imagine a star that size.
Its really a masterpiece.
The snow is so pretty. Makes me a bit jealous. We had no winter and I want some so bad.
Can't wait to see Artic Jane finished.

Laurie Ann said...

Arctic Jane. I love it! Keep sharing!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I got as far as buying the book for Dear Jane this winter. You are right - many of the pieces are very tiny! I thought I would like a little handwork at nights and was going to just make it with a hodge-podge of fabrics/colors, but if it is going to be that much work, I would rather invest in some very beautiful fabrics. I love your choice and definately can relate as to your inspiration.
Truly beautiful.



Cathi said...


I have enjoyed looking through your posts. You live in beautiful country!

I am doing a hand pieced DJ. I just finished all the blocks last month and will start sashing them together soon! It is a great project...and hand piecing was great for me with two small kids, was easier to pick up and do a little at a time, managed to finish the blocks within the year, and take time to breathe too, LOL!!

Cathi in Ireland

Jodie said...

I love the colours you have chosen for your DJ. I hope to attempt this quilt one day and like you I won't be using traditional colours. I have started a blog just so I could comment on yours! I really enjoy your posts.