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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A gift of Love

Patty from Morning Ramble wrote earlier about her husband giving her flowers. My DH doesn't buy flowers, he buys books. Last year I got "A Peanut's Valentine" for Valentine's Day and yesterday I got the lovely book in the picture. It's original title is "The way we live", maybe some of you have the original version. I've only looked on it briefly, but the photos are gorgeous! I'm saving it for a moment when I can have a nice glass of red wine and a lovely CD in the CD-player. On the inside my DH has written "To Inga from Tom because you are who you are". Isn't that sweet? By the way, I got new skis from him yesterday also. We bought no-wax skis before Christmas, but he wanted me to have wax skis also. Isn't he a darling?

The quilted placemat underneath the book was made when we lived in Harstad. We got visitors one Easter and I wanted to make something that suited our appartment, which had a very special architecture. I also made the tablecloth back then. It was my gift to my DH. He offered to change workroom with me. I got a newly decorated room with a view, and he took the more dull room on the backside. I thought the Friendship Star was appropriate since he's also my very best friend.



Patty said...

What a nice husband Inga ! Books are such special gifts as they keep on giving to you as long as you have them.
I never used no wax skis, do they work well ?
You know I believe being best friends with your husband or wife is the secret to a happy marriage !

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful table toppers, Inga. I especially like the colors. I hope you enjoy the book. It looks pretty too!

Thank you for the link to my blog!
La Tea Dah

PS: I hope you have a lovely day!