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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Seeking inspiration

I'm working on a quilt that will be named "Liberty Flowers" I'll post a picture when it's ready. Here I try to combine traditional American quilting technique with Norwegian elements. I'm going to handquilt it, but how do I make a Norwegian Quilting pattern?

I found the answer in one of these books at the library. Rosemaling is an old decorative painting technique which is used to decorate almost everything. This form of decor had it's Golden Age just after Norway liberated themselves from Denmark in 1814. We weren't fully liberated; we were forced into a union with Sweden that lasted until 1905, but now we were a nation with our own constitution. The idea of freedom, equality and fraternity from the French revolution and the US constitution from 1776, where the ideals of 117 men that gathered at Eidsvoll during spring 1814.

Inside one of the books you can see examples of how different object of wood can be decorated. If you want to see more, check out this website. I'm not related to this firm in any way, I just tried the .com trick. (Writing the word you seek adding dot-com :-D). I have found a border that will suit my quilt nicely. No I just have to draw it on freezer paper.

The Mozart celebration last night went well. I haven't made many quilts with a musical theme, But the last picture has at least a musical name. ¨My Colour Symphony" got it's name because of all the fabrics that are in it. I didn't use much of every fabric, approx 3/4 ", but there are dozens. It still looks like more fabric than it actually is. Some of the fabrics are used with the back as front. That made me think about Gustav Mahler and his way of orchestrating. He often used untraditional instruments together in his symponies, and his eighth sympony is actually written for an orchestra of 200 and a choir of 800 singers! So with that in mind, my quilt got it's name.



Patty said...

I will be so anxious to see your rosemaling quilting design. I think that will be so pretty. Since I do rosemale painting I am sure to love what you do.

The colors in your color symphony quilt are delightful. Perfect name for the quilt

p.s. I will send you some cake if you send me some winter weather !

cindyquilts said...

what a beautiful 'symphony' ... and no one thinks I appreciate music. I beg to differ on this ONE.

martha in ny said...

Hi Inga
The Rosemaling will be beautiful! The Norwegian deign is wonderful. I will look forward to seeing the quilting. I will put your blog in my bookmarks since I don't yet know how to link it to my blog!

The Calico Cat said...

Lovly mini quilt. I like the part of the color spectrum that you chose to work with...