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Friday, January 20, 2006

"Narve" came by today

We had an encounter with Narve today. He's a new acquaintance, but for most of the Norwegians from Troendelag and northward, his actions are quite destructive when you get to meet him first hand. Who Narve is?

Norway is recognized as one of the leading nations when it comes to equal rights regardless of sex. So even the storms have masculin names, at least every other storm, and the male Christian name Narve was given the honour this time. For us here in Kvaefjord he hasn't been a problem, we've hardly felt his anger. The electricity was gone for about five minutes, and the lights keep blinking from time to time. That's all. On the radio we've heard stories about people who've had to evacuate their homes due to lack of heat and food, ferries and planes that are cancelled and bridges that are closed because of too strong wind.

With this weather outside, it's nice to sink down in the sofa in front of the TV and watch some of the most popular TV shows. Usually we only watch the news and only one series each night, but Friday is the night when the TV is on most of the evening. I manage to do some sewing anyhow. Tonight I've been basting some of my hexagons from yesterday. I ironed, cut and sorted a great deal of my stash box earlier today, so now you can see a difference. Later I'm going to enjoy the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, which was my holiday treat together with a bunch of tulips. It's not a big treat, but it's enough to get the feeling of two days without work.



Patty said...

Hello ! How nice to read your blog. I will visit often and also add you as a link to mine. I love scandinavia and do rosemale painting. Welcome to the world of blogging !
Thank you for visiting my blog and providing a link on your blog

Michele said...

Hi Inga from Australia. I read your blog with interest. I have been to Norway, and above the Arctic Circle, too. It is a very interesting vase you have there. Is is an iitala (spelling?) vase? We saw those in Scandinavia and wanted one so bad, but we couldn't afford one, or even carry one home at the time. You seem to be very organised with those hexagons. They look so tempting to pick up and piece when they are all ready like that. Have fun...

Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

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