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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Managing my stash

After reading about Bonnie's Scrap User System (her blog is listed on the right), I decided that it was time to conquer my stash also. I started with the scrappy bits of it. On the left you can see the pieces that aren't strippy (or the strips that I was too lazy to put in the right plastic bag).

I do have a kind of system, but this box has been bothering me for a while. This is where I've been putting every tiny bit of leftovers, since one of my grandmothers taught me not to throw anything way. So the last week has been devoted to deal with this box. I've made a lot of different shapes for English Paper Piecing on my computer. They've been carefully cut out and taped to the fabric with double sided tape. I know that someone thinks that it's hazardous, because of the glue, but it works fine for me. This is nice work to do, because you don't have to think a lot, just place the templates on a suitable piece and cut.

Here you can see some of my hexagons. The ones to the right are already basted, fitting nicely into a chocolate box. In the back, you can see some of the precut 3 " triangles I did for a Kaffe Fassett project I didn't complete. I've used some of them for a spicy Christmas-table cloth (still unfinished).

I have made diamonds, squares, triangles, gemstones and hexagons and some very tiny ones just for fun. I'm going to baste all of them, and then I can play around with them to make my own blocks and designs.

I've not reached the bottom of the box, in fact it looks like nothing is done, but I clench my teeth, using some minutes every day, and hope to see the end of this project by the end of January. Later I will post pictures of the result.



Bonnie said...

Hello Inga!! How fun to find your blog (thanks for your email!) and see what you are up to! I hope you will post often, I'm going to add your blog address to my page so I'll be able to stop by and see your page!


Patty said...

God Kveld !
You are so organized with your cut out shapes. Very impressive.