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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Find one error

I shot this picture through my studio window earlier today. It's my and my neighbour's garden. What's missing? I'll give you some hints. This is 300 kilometeres above the Arctic Circle and we're in the middle of January. Still doesn't get it?

The snow that usually covers everything, is totally absent. We did get snow for Christmas, but right after New Years Eve it vanished. We're a bit disappointed my DH and I, since our common Christmas present to each other where cross country skis and outfits. We haven't been skiing for many years , so when we finally decided to start skiing again, the weather wan't let us.

This picture is not one of mine, but my DH's. He has done some lovely shots of the surroundings up here. If you are interested, go to his website to see more of them. This is actually the view from our livingroom. Gorgeous, isn't it?

I plan to do some hand quilting on a quilt for an exhibition later today. And then there are mittens to complete. I deliver mittens for sale to a shop and a gallery, and my goal is to make at least one pair each week. I will post pictures of them later.



Patty said...

It is a strange winter everywhere. We have had one week of cold weather and that was in December. I may see a winter with NO snow and that does not make me very happy. The view from your living room is breath taking ! ITs so beautiful.
I am really enjoying your blog.
Have fun quilting today.

Bonnie said...

beautiful pictures, and how funny and odd that you don't have snow this time of the year! Maybe winter is still just late in coming and you will get to use those skis yet!


cindyquilts said...

Welcome to the world of blogs.

I think we all link jump around to see what many others are doing, and in doing so, I found you.

You look far more organized than I am! One day, I will post a pic of my simple bookcase.

Finn said...

Hi Inga, saw your post over at Sandra's and thought I'd come over and see what you are up to..*VBS* I sure was surprised that you have no snow this winter either. Here in WI, we have been having 42 degree days when we normally would be below zero...really strange.

So nice to see your scrap bin and that you are on board with getting them organized..me too!! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your quilt projects..*S*

Dee said...

I came upon your blog today and have enjoyed reading it very much. I know where your snow is...it is at our house. VBG Thanks for the wonderful pictures of your quilts and needlework.