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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A blogger's best friend

This book is the most used the last week. After reading American quilting magazines for years, the sewing terminology is not a problem, but when you're going to describe thoughts and everyday life, there are some words and sentenses that needs extra thinking and checking. And then there's the problem of idiomatic language.

Luckily the Norwegian Tv-companies have always used subtitles. Only the children programmes are with Norwegian speech. So I've heard English spoken since my early childhood. Now I mainly don't look at the subtitles and just listen to the original soundtrack. There are nuances of the English language that will be missed when reading the subtitles, especially when you see English comedies.

So why am I not blogging in my own language? First, I like to keep my English language alive. It's more than 20 years since I went to college, and my French (which I was taught at the same time) is almost gone, because I never practice it. Then there's the amount of quilters. In Norway there are 4 million people, in the world there are maybe four million quilters or more! I can not antecipate that all of them will learn Norwegian :-D, so the language choice is easy. And then there's is the aspect of learning about other people's life and thinking. Knowledge and understanding is the best way to avoid disagreement and lack of peace.



Laurie Ann said...

Well, your English is great! Glad you decided to use English since I can't read Norwegian and I like reading your blog!

Lucy said...

I understand exactly what you mean !!!I have the dictionary at my computer from the school of my children :c).. I feel the same as you ,it is sometimes hard to explain feelings in english or expressions .. It is everytime find a way to explain what I will say . You are doing so fine with your english .. ( I think better than I do :c) ..

btw I also try to ignore the subtitles on tv...

La Tea Dah said...

Lovely post and oh so true. If only more people in the world thought as you do; there would be peace!

Thank you for sharing from your heart!

La Tea Dah

Patty said...

Hi Inga,
Your english is great and to be honest I never think about that you are speaking (writing) in a second language.

Rosanne said...

Hi Inga
Your quilts are beautiful! And your English is lovely. I, too, have lost most of my French and German, but they comeback pretty quickly when I'm around people who speak it all the time.

cindyquilts said...

I want to thank you and express my respect since you communicate in a language we all understand ... the beauty of quilts.

dctoo said...

I think your english is just fine!
The quilts are terrific; keep up the good work, and thank you for blogging about it!

I had the good fortune to visit Norway once, above the artic circle too. A most beautiful part of this planet.